[Charlug] Will this work with linux ubuntu 12.04

Shay Walters ShayW at controlmanagement.com
Wed Apr 17 13:46:12 CEST 2013

+1 on directional antennas.  Because of the interference that the
high-power adapter was causing, I replaced it with a normal-power adapter
that had a R-SMA connector and plugged in a directional antenna and got a
better connection because the directional antenna will boost the received
signal as well as the transmitted signal.
    If you're doing things in pairs, a directional antenna at both ends
can get you quite a distance.


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> These devices are probably best used in snd\rcv pairs. While the 
> transmit power is significantly greater, the receiver sensitivity is 
> probably average. The result can be that you're pushing out a crushing 
> transmit signal (potentially disrupting other nearby xmt\rcv wifi) 
> without any advantage on receive (except for the 6db omni-directional 
> antenna gain).
> Using these for point-to-point links with high-gain directional
> antennas 
> is probably their best application.
> Rick
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