[Charlug] Will this work with linux ubuntu 12.04

Marcel Febin marcelfebin at gmail.com
Tue Apr 16 21:34:28 CEST 2013

I was just thinking the same thing. This setup has worked well for me in
the past as a wireless bridge
On Apr 16, 2013 7:57 AM, "Rick Bolen(gm)" <rickbolgm at gmail.com> wrote:

> These devices are probably best used in snd\rcv pairs. While the transmit
> power is significantly greater, the receiver sensitivity is probably
> average. The result can be that you're pushing out a crushing transmit
> signal (potentially disrupting other nearby xmt\rcv wifi) without any
> advantage on receive (except for the 6db omni-directional antenna gain).
> Using these for point-to-point links with high-gain directional antennas
> is probably their best application.
> Rick
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