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Hi @all,

spreading the word :)


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Charlotte's growing tech community is ripe for a Hackathon. Harris
Teeter, Tresata, and Ettain Group have stepped up and are promoting a
Hackathon in May. In addition, Peak 10 and Forsythe have joined as
sponsors and Packard Place will providing the venue for the two main events.

The sponsors have committed to supporting the events with food,
beverage, bags o' swag, t-shirts, and are also providing nice prizes for
the winners. Furthermore, the event is hosted at no charge to participants.

The Hackathon is scheduled to start on May 2nd and run for two weeks,
with a final Presentation and Awards Ceremony on May 19th. The event
will be judged by a panel of three judges, one each from Harris Teeter
and Tresata and one from the community. Jim Van Fleet has graciously
taken time out from his schedule to fill this position so I suppose
he'll have to be called the 'Honorable' Jim Van Fleet for the duration
of this event.

The problem to be solved at the Hackathon will require interdisciplinary
skills and participants are expected to form teams of up the three
people. The required skills will include data analysis and code
proficiency, as well as design expertise and presentations skills. So
anyone involved in tech/web design/UX can contribute profitably.

Harris Teeter and the sponsors want to promote this as a community event
and would like to get you, your groups, and your companies involved in
this event.

So this is the callout....

    Get the word out to your meetups and colleagues. Form a team.
    Interested in helping with the event itself? Contact me.
    We have two events that currently are not sponsored and do not have
venues. A pre-hackathon meet and greet and a mid-hackathon check-in. If
you or someone you know would be interested in sponsoring either of
these events, contact me.

More details can be found at the hackathon website:


Thank you.

Ben Thorson
ben at tresata.com

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