[Charlug] Can anyone help??

Brian J. Miller wiggins at danconia.org
Wed Dec 9 08:41:04 EST 2009

Melita Almberg wrote:
> Hi all, 
> First, I'll start by saying I am not at all tech-savvy.  I'm a wannabe ex- Windows user, looking for someone to install whatever the current release version of ubuntu is on my home computer.  Does anyone know someone who can do this for me

Perhaps this is fodder for a meeting? It is already the 9th of December 
so I suspect this month is probably out. Would it be valuable to you 
still if it happened after the new year? Or is your burning desire to be 
on The Best OS Around so great that it just can't wait that long? If you 
can make it through the holidays without OD'ing on eggnog to squelch the 
windows pain then I think a meeting could be arranged to help. If you 
have to have it before then, perhaps someone can suggest a time/place 
for a meeting soon. My schedule is pretty hectic at the moment with 
family obligations but I might be able to attend.

I wouldn't have necessarily said this in the past, but dual bootedness 
is so aware in new versions that you might just try it yourself and see 
how far you get. BACKUP YOUR FILES FIRST! But you should be doing that 
anyways, at least before you have someone (yourself included) attempt an 

Brian J. Miller
End Point Corp.
brian at endpoint.com

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