[Charlug] CharLUG Status???

Mike Harrison meuon at geeklabs.com
Sun Oct 5 10:04:04 EDT 2008

> I am open to topic suggestions, as well as people who participate.  Our
> officers (we are still technically a non-profit organization) have all
> disappeared.  We have no one who is willing to fill the positions, and have
> not been able to hold an actual election since we filed for 5501(c)(3)
> status.  We would be happy to see you on the First Saturday of November, but
> I do think you should be aware that this is definitely a case study in cat
> herding.  :-)

I'm a lurker from Chattanooga, am one of the founders of Chugalug
(CHattanooga Unix, Gnu and Linux Users Group). A fairly active LUG.
We rarely have meetings, but our mailing list has over 150 subs,
about 50 very active and vocal list participants.
I'm "keeper of the domain" and moderator, We have no legal status, no 
501.. and very few rules. That has helped us survive:

   0. Mailing List Rules: - If we have to act like there are rules
      because of your behavior, we kick you off the list.

   1. Meetings: First person to mention a meeting, complain about a
      meeting, etc.. is elected President for the month, and their
      duty is to call a meeting (their choice of venue, format,
      topic, etc,.. )

   2. Membership: If you can join the mailing list and/or add
      yourself to the website membership list, you are a member.
      Quit by removing yourself.. come back any time.

Our mailing list has a lot of buy-sell odd hardware traffic,
a fairly decent amount of of topic, but 'net or communal interest
topic (BioDiesel pops up a lot). It also has a couple of Linux
heavies lurking that pop up occaisionally with 1 or 2 lines of
code, or a tip that creates/solves a problem. But what really makes
it is a sense of community. Chugalugers often meet for sub-groups
that overlap ranging from lan-parties to just hanging out in
a local coffee shop.

I originally joined CharLug because one of my companies was doing some 
work in Charlotte, and I was looking for some local penguinistas to help.. 
which is another good topic to have going on.

My point is: If you are trying to herd cats, don't. You can't.
Provide a medium for cats to frolic, and cats will overrun the place.


ps: I'm always looking for an A-Team, currently back in Chattanooga:


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