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> Hello,
> I moved to Charlotte from Ohio in June. Prior to moving I had searched
> and found CharLUG online and was excited about joining a LUG.
> However, with the limited number of postings in the forums, mailing
> list, and a seemingly blank calendar, I'm wondering if CharLUG is
> still active? Are there still meetings on the posted monthly times?
> Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!
Hi Derek,

Welcome to the list.  When I finally got the opportunity to start
participating in CharLUG, it was a matter of meeting for lunch in various
outlets uptown.  It was once a very active LUG.  Eventually, we managed to
get a Saturday gig going at CPCC, and we had a steering committee chairman
at that time who came from an active LUG and attempted to revive us.  After
a year, he quietly slipped away, and I now chair what's left of it.  I have
missed most of the Saturday meetings over the Summer, due to unfortunate
personal circumstances, and hope we can get back to normal next month.

I am open to topic suggestions, as well as people who participate.  Our
officers (we are still technically a non-profit organization) have all
disappeared.  We have no one who is willing to fill the positions, and have
not been able to hold an actual election since we filed for 5501(c)(3)
status.  We would be happy to see you on the First Saturday of November, but
I do think you should be aware that this is definitely a case study in cat
herding.  :-)

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