[Charlug] CharLUG Meeting Summary/Election Results

Joe Josey jjosey at jomist.net
Mon May 7 05:18:29 EDT 2007

The biggest reason charlug at charlug.org is a "closed" mailing list is to =

stop spammers.  On the average, I get
30 to 50 rejected postings from non-members a day... all of it spam =

selling software, viagra, the next hot stock,
you name it.  If the mailing list is "open" to the public, there is no =

way to filter posts to prevent this sort of spam
from being automatically sent to all subscribers.

However, I will abide by the majority's decision and open the list if =

that is what is decided. =




Don Parris wrote:
> We held the meeting yesterday, as scheduled.  Novell technicians =

> presented Xen, interestingly, using a VMWare-based host.  Thus, we got =

> to see nested virtualization!  Gotta admit, it's kind of cool.  They =

> demonstrated setting up a virtual machine and installing the OS on it.
> We registered 3 new members, including the two Novell guys.  One =

> current member was given his registration card.
> The election was difficult to manage, since none of the Tuesday =

> evening group was present.  Don and Joe were officially elected for =

> Chairman and Librarian/Webmaster.  However, no other officers were =

> nominated or elected.  I suggested - and all agreed - that the =

> Vice-Chairman and Secretary should come from the Tuesday evening =

> group.  That leaves the Tuesday evening group a little something to =

> accomplish.  Again, we really need people to step up and be the LUG.
> Hal Lohn (CPCC staff) suggested we setup an announcement-only list by =

> which to send out meeting reminders to everyone.  This list is =

> something everyone who joins should be subscribed to (by the folks who =

> register the new member).  I would like to hear from the group on this.
> Our current discussion list is difficult to find/join.  Unregistered =

> website users are informed that the mailing list sign-up link is on =

> the left, but it is not made available until you become a registered =

> site user.  That is very confusing to some.  This needs to be changed =

> to either allow registration by non-member site users, or inform all =

> users that they must be registered on the site to access the mailing =

> lists.  Frankly, I feel the mailing list registration needs to be made =

> available to the general public, but that's just my opinion.
> Regards,
> Don
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