Pidgin "" Certificate Errors

If you are using Pidgin and MSN then most likely you saw a lot of "" errors today. Luckily there is an easy fix for this issue.

  1. Get the latest certificate for You can do this by going to in your favorite browser and download the certificate for the site (click on the certificate icon and choose save to file). Or you can simply use the attached file.

Meeting Page

We added a page for upcoming meetings. It can be accessed here.

We will keep this page in sync with the Meetup pages. But this might be of course not always the case. If you are missing any meetings here or on the Meetup or if you want to suggest and/or organize a meeting please contact us or post to the Meetup.

2010-11-22 - Meeting: Apache & PHP performance tuning

When: November 22, 2010 7:00pm
Where: Not chosen yet
Meetup link: here

These days we all likely have web servers & not enough time to figure out why they're not performing as fast as we'd like. Red & I both have interests in this topic at the social meeting I suggested we cover the tools to analyze your web server, common tweaks to Apache/Linux and infrastructure design

Meetup Link

The Meetup group is now directly accessible from the main menu. Join the meetup and the mailing list to keep up to date!

The Mailing List Is Back

Good things come to those who wait. The web front end for the mailing list is back!

The mailing list can be accessed directly from the main menu of the page. You will find of course a link to subscribe to the mailing list and to access the archive.

This is the great opportunity to revitalize the mailing list! So please subscribe, ask questions, discuss, talk tech and have fun!

New CMS / Update of mailing list software

I think everybody noticed that the website layout changed and also the underlying structure changed a lot. We migrated the old website to a new more secure CMS and also did updates to the mailing list software.

We hope the transition was smooth and nobody encountered any problems with the new mailing list software. If you have any problems send an email to The link for the mailing list archive and subscription/maintenance will soon be online again. It will be announced on the web page.


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