University Area Meeting 2013-09-18

Mark Shropshire presented on Docker. That presentation led into a deeper discussion into LXC (Linux Containers). Through some live demoing, the group experimented with Docker's architecture.

University Area Meeting 2013-07-17

We had a great meeting last Wednesday. Twelve people gathered together to listen to a presentation on Digital Ocean's Linux VPS hosting by Mark Shropshire and a presentation on KVM and QEMU by James Loyd. Finally, we had a a talk and demo of FirefoxOS by Stephen Pohl. Stephen had a phone running FirefoxOS and allowed us all to play with it for a few minutes.

University area meeting 2013-04-17

A number of Linux interested came out to Classic Graphics to listen to an interesting presentation on Bryan Stalcup's curent Proxmox VE setup and his future plans for world hosting domination. His entire setup is built on open source software. He also discussed some hardware configurations he has found to work well while maintaining money is his wallet.

University area meeting 2013-03-20

A number of Linux interested came out to Classic Graphics last night to listen to two very interesting presentations.

Jason Edgecombe presented on Vagrant. He presented a bit on the background of Vagrant and why you would use it. Jason then moved into a number of live demos, including on demo where he showed how you could spin up a web cluster (load balancer, web servers, and database server). Jason's presentation is attached below.

Meeting Update: After Work Snack & Hack

The After Work Snack and Hack will be on a new schedule after the meeting on 2/21/2013. There will be no meeting in March! Please make sure that you update your calendars:

After Work Snack & Hack
When: Every first Tuesday 6pm - 8pm, starting 4/2/2013
Where: Caribou Coffee
1531 East Blvd Charlotte, NC 28203

Meeting Update: New Regular Meeting In The University Area

Thanks to Mark's efforts, I can announce a new regular meeting in Charlotte's university area! Here are the details:

University Area Meetup
When: Every third Wednesday 7pm - 9pm, starting 3/20/2013
Where: Classic Graphics
8335 IBM Drive, Charlotte, NC 28262

For updates please check the calendar and of course our mailing list.

New Meeting In The University Area

Last week, there was a discussion on the mailing list where a few folks mentioned the desire for a university area CharLUG meeting. And thanks to Mark and Ryan we now have one and here is the date and location for the upcoming CharLUG meeting.

New Calendar

Hi folks!

I had some spare time and I could finally work on the meeting pages. I ripped out the old "book" and created a new page from scratch that is using a Google calendar. Here you will find all the meetings that we schedule and I am working on getting the reminders piped correctly into the mailing list. This is also a first step to have our own RSVP system. I'll keep you posted.

Ext4 Bug Since Linux Kernel Version 3.6.2

Ted Ts'o reports that in an Ext4 file system can be corrupted under the following circumstances:

- the journal starts at block zero
- mount and umount the file system two times in a row very quickly

In worst case the meta data can be corrupted which can of course lead to the loss of data on that file system.

This problem might also occur in the kernel 3.5.x series because this code.

Quantal Install-fest Recap

Peter and I would like to thank everyone for showing last Thursday. InstallFest was a resounding success. Many fresh installations of Quantal and hopefully a lot of fun.

For those that attended, we expect a lot of questions about your new installations, so let's hear them. The only stupid questions are the ones unasked.

Thank again to CPCC for hosting this event. We look forward to our next outing


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