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New CMS / Update of mailing list software

I think everybody noticed that the website layout changed and also the underlying structure changed a lot. We migrated the old website to a new more secure CMS and also did updates to the mailing list software.

We hope the transition was smooth and nobody encountered any problems with the new mailing list software. If you have any problems send an email to The link for the mailing list archive and subscription/maintenance will soon be online again. It will be announced on the web page.

As mentioned above, we also updated the outdated Mambo to a more modern CMS. Currently we migrate useful content to the new system. We are not sure if we will create a user login again. If yes, we will migrate also the user accounts and you will receive an email with the new login credentials.

We hope you enjoy the new website and as I am not a web designer any help in making this site incredible is really appreciated (please contact us by email

Now enjoy the new website!