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University area meeting 2013-03-20

A number of Linux interested came out to Classic Graphics last night to listen to two very interesting presentations.

Jason Edgecombe presented on Vagrant. He presented a bit on the background of Vagrant and why you would use it. Jason then moved into a number of live demos, including on demo where he showed how you could spin up a web cluster (load balancer, web servers, and database server). Jason's presentation is attached below.

The group had a lively discussion about current Linux news, including variou mobile Linux operating systems, recent changes with Red Hat's RPM policies, and more.

Next James Loyd presented on systemd, which is a replacement for the Linux init daemon. James' presentation is attached below. Also, he was kind enough to provide some links related to his presentation.

I would like to thank Jason and James for stepping up for two excellent presentations. I would also like to thank all of those who came out to make the meetup a success. Our next meetup is April 17th 7pm-9pm at Classic Graphics.

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