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After Work Snack & Hack Recap / PGP/GPG Key Signing Party

Today we had a great meeting of the CharLUG with a lot of interesting discussions It seems that over the last meetings some topics always came up.

First of all virtualization. This seems to be the hot topic for everybody. Folks like to test and play around with OS's in a VM and it opens up opportunities to try things that otherwise were really hard to do. I didn't take a real poll but it seems that most people favor VirtualBox on the desktop, but VMware is still very popular.

The second thing that always came up is the Raspberry Pi. This little gadget really brings back the old days of just playing around with hard- and software to create... something. The Raspberry Pi and similar devices really have the potential to start a new movement. We are always curious at the meetings to hear about new stuff, so don't hesitate to show off your implementation of the unthinkable on one of these new platforms.

And of course the third topic is distributions in general. We see a lot of Ubuntu (or other Debian based) distributions but also CentOS is widely used. Today we also spoke about the more "painful" distributions like Gentoo or Linux From Scratch.

During today's meeting we also talked about encryption, SSL, SSH, etc. Privacy was also an important topic and out of that discussion we came up with the idea of a key signing party. I am not sure when exactly but I would say we might want to try it at one of the next After Work Snack & Hack's. I'll keep you posted.