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Installfest on Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's getting closer. On Saturday, 10:00am our installfest will start at the Hackspace. Everybody is welcome to bring their machine and we will be happy to help and guide you through the installation and setup of Linux.

But the installfest has now an additional focus.

Our host for the event, the Charlotte Hackerspace, is building machines from spare parts, and in some cases build them! They are sending laptops to Haiti and some desktops to the Free Store in exchange for a sponsorship at Barcamp Charlotte 5. An additional element to our mission will be to install and configure a Linux designed for minimal maintenance onto those desktops headed for the Free Store. They will be used in a library format - homeless and indigent people will be allowed to use them in periods to connect with family, with each other, and to enable job searches.