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The CharLUG is currently preparing for an installfest.

What is an installfest?
Wikipedia has a nice definition:
An Installfest (a portmanteau of installation and festival) is an event, generally sponsored by a local Linux User Group, university or LAN party, at which people get together to do mass installations of computer operating systems or software, most often Linux and other open source software.

It is generally an advocacy and community-building event, where novices bring their computers along with their preferred operating system installation disks to the location of the installfest, and experienced users help them in getting started and troubleshooting problems. Sometimes a Linux distribution and informative flyers are given for free to the attendees. Some events ask for participants to bring power strips and network switches if available.

Installfests welcome all skill levels from complete novice to expert.

Who can come?
Everybody is welcome! All you have to do is bring a question and/or your computer and we will help you resolving your problem or installing Linux on your computer.

Where do I have to go?
Hackerspace Charlotte
430 E 36th St Charlotte, NC