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2010-12-03 - Meeting (Hackerspace): Grand Opening of the Charlotte Hackerspace

When: December 3, 2010 6:30pm
Where: Growler's Pourhouse - NoDa
Link to the official page: here

Proposed: dual-homed, high-availability geekery, Friday night in NoDa. Growlers for the drinking and the revelry, and the optional art viewing. Also, the grand opening of the Charlotte Hackerspace is Friday night. Its a few blocks away, but it offers geekery like no other!

AGREED! The gauntlet is thrown. This Friday, Growler's Pourhouse, 6:30 PM. Plan: Drink amazing beer and visit the future Mecca of CLT Geekdom, Charlotte Hackerspace. The Hackerspace is located in a fairy kingdom down a road paved in discarded solder, aka, it's hard to find if you haven't been there before, so we'll all go together. Short of notice as this may be, I hope to see you there! I'll bring the buttons, you bring the love (and beer money).