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Quantal Install-fest Recap

Peter and I would like to thank everyone for showing last Thursday. InstallFest was a resounding success. Many fresh installations of Quantal and hopefully a lot of fun.

For those that attended, we expect a lot of questions about your new installations, so let's hear them. The only stupid questions are the ones unasked.

Thank again to CPCC for hosting this event. We look forward to our next outing

CharLUG Ubuntu Install-fest: Quantal Quetzal Edition

What it is:

You may have heard about Linux. You wanted to try it but didn't know where to begin. Come to our install-fest and let us help you become a part of this wonderful world by installing Ubuntu Linux on your PC.

We will be installing Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal hot off the presses. Quantal promises to be yet another version of the famed operating system focusing on stability and ease of use.

You can be a seasoned kernel hacker or a complete n00b. All skill levels are welcome.

Why you want to be here:

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